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I'm Sick of Selfish Over Dramatic Bullshit

Why do I always feel like I put out all this extra effort for people and like nobody even cares or wants to put out any effort for me. All I want is for someone to like be excited to see me. I mean I try to be a good person I'm def. not the prettiest girl in the world or the funnest but I can be fun. I hate feeling like this..... this thing many like to call Self Pity but, goddgamnit I deserve for atleast one person to like go out of their way for me..........I go out of my way for everyone else why can't someone do the same for me for once. I'm also tired of indecisive people make up your gosh darn mind your not in highschool anymore get over it. Life doesn't end at highschool. I think this live journal is just going to end up me ranting in every entry like the last one oh well... I guess I gotta get it out somewhere
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