dancewith_me55 (dancewith_me55) wrote,

What The Hell Am I doing?

So.....I really just don't know what i'm doing in my life right now. I'm gonna be 23 like in 23 days and I honestly feel like I haven't accomplished a damn thing. I thought that buying a house and getting married was what I really wanted to do but, In fact I really don't. I wanna go places I wanna live somewhere besides West Virginia I wanna go back to school I wanna do all these things yet I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. Getting in that major fight w/ someone (we shall not mention names lol) has made me realize things I took for granted and that I kind of settled (NOT WITH HIM by all means) but with my life. I def. know I dont wanna live with my parents anymore I know that its getting ridiculous considering I had a house for almost a whole year but I was too afraid of what they'd think to just move in with the person I shall not mention. I am so stupid I just need to get some balls in life and just do things instead of worrying what they think they gotta know I'm gonna grow up one of these days. I mean for god says I'm gonna be 23 years. C'mon now........I dunno what else to say I'll talk about this later.. No body reads this anyways

We used to be so happy
Now it's wearing out
that's why they say I have
To break with the past
do something new
Sounds so good
I wish I could
Cause now it's wearing out
I always say
We'll find a way
Doesn't matter now
Cause it's wearing out
And I'm wearing out
I wish tht I had another try
Without wearing out
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